The Haunted Forest at Scarecrow Farm

A Horrible Secret...

It's a known fact that Otis Ripper owned the land that is now Scarecrow Farm. He never married, never had kids, and didn't have many friends. He lived, and died, on this farm.

One thing was for sure, he was a hard worker and people were amazed at how much work he did all by himself. The farm had meticulous crops and lots of livestock, but oddly no one ever saw Ripper tending the crops or doing chores.

People did see him building scarecrows. He had lots of them around the farm. It was rumored that he would trap motorists that broke down nearby and turn them into scarecrows. Local authorities investigated but they could never find any evidence that Ripper had anything to do with the mysterious disappearances.

In the dead of night people would hear tractors running, doors slamming, and hogs squealing all around the farm. Ripper's legion of scarecrows would come alive at night and he would enslave them do the farm work.

Otis Ripper has been dead for more than 20 years. Some claim that his spirit came back as a scarecrow and he still walks the property at night, carrying on his gruesome work.

The Haunted Forest at Scarecrow Farm isn't your typical nature walk. Amid the dimly lit trails and foul smells lurk Old Man Ripper and his legion of scarecrows.

What evil is just around the next turn?

Is someone or something watching you?

Will you make it out alive?

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